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Chiropractic definition is an alternative medicine that is both preventive and curative. This approach is known for relieving and treating neuromusculoskeletal conditions, while ensuring a good working nervous system. In addition to helping relieve symptomatic conditions, chiropractic focuses on prevention to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Manual treatments on the spine, joints and soft tissues are performed to rebalance your neurological, muscular and skeletal system.


Chiropractic can help children, pregnant women, athletes and elderly, in each case, a personalized treatment.

The examination of a doctor in chiropractic will allow him to provide the patient with a specific and accurate diagnosis. 


A first visit to the chiropractor allows him to draw a comprehensive portrait of your needs and complains by evaluating various aspect of your health such as your fitness and your lifestyle.


The chiropractor could help you with a large variety of symptoms such as:


- Headaches;

- Neck pain;

- Back pain;

- Scoliosis;

- Sciatalgia;

- Tendonitis / Bursitis;

- Carpal tunnel;

- Pains associated with pregnancy;

- Sports injuries;

- Posture corrections.


In addition, acute or chronic pain may be the result of several factors:


- Physical inactivity;

- Bad posture;

- Poor sleep position;

- Stress;

- Anxiety;

- Regular lifting of heavy objects.



The frequency and type of treatments are in coherence with the profile of the patient, the intensity and the duration of the pains.

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